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Our Story

Our yoga students provided the inspiration to create Urban Sadhu Beauty™

Welcome to Urban Sadhu Beauty, developed by well-respected yogi Austin Sanderson and his partner Bobby Hranichny, founders of Urban Sadhu Yoga studio in Jersey City, N.J.  Based on their needs and those of their practitioners at their Urban Sadhu studio, where Sanderson’s unique ancient-meets-modern Urban Sadhu Yoga method™ is practiced, they envisioned a collection of body products. They would be founded in the Ayurvedic tradition focused on natural, herbal remedies. 

What makes us different

Key attributes that differentiate and elevate Urban Sadhu Beauty products 

  •  Concepted by a well-respected yogi with a deep understanding of Ayurvedic methodologies.

  • Developed in conjunction with Colorado-based In Season Beauty. Founded in 2015 by Stefanie Soifer, a licensed esthetician for 16 years, In Season is female-run and operated.

  • Made from plant- and therapeutic-grade essential oils-based ingredients in small batches to control quality and efficacy. There is no animal testing.

The Creators

Why Our Students Love Urban Sadhu Beauty

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