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Essential Oils


Say hello to Urban Sadhu Beauty’s favorite essential oils and take in all the goodness of the benefits they may provide.

  • BASIL: reduces anxiety and promotes alertness

  • CAMPHOR: anti-inflammatory effects

  • CINNAMON: relaxing scent, anti-bacterial preservative

  • CLOVE: reduces muscle pain

  • EUCALYPTUS: anti-inflammatory effects

  • FRANKINCENSE: anti-inflammatory effects 

  • HEMPSEED: moisturizes skin and reduces skin inflammation

  • HONEYSUCKLE: reduces inflammation and stress

  • Lavender: promotes relaxation and helps with anxiety and depression

  • MARJORAM: reduces depression, dizziness, migraines, stress headaches, nerve pain

  • ORANGE: has calming properties and may help with cognitive function

  • PEPPERMINT (or menthol crystals): prevents fatigue and improves exercise performance

  • ROSMARY: helps with brain function and fatigue, blood circulation, provides pain relief from joint inflammation, eases stress

  • SPEARMINT: reduces swelling due to nerve or muscle pain

  • WINTERGREEN: has anti-inflammatory effects and is a topical pain reliever

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