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To Urban Sadhu Beauty

You’re feeling stressed—your muscles kind of hurt. Your joints are achy. Your temples throb. Maybe not all simultaneously, but this part and that part shout out some disapproval regularly. It could be from too much workout-level cardio and not enough just plain walking around. It could be from overstretching in yoga and never stretching at work. It could be from too much just sitting, sitting, sitting. Or maybe it’s from years of hitting the streets every day, energy up, ready to go. Or all, combined. You decide to try out some of the CBD-infused lotions you have heard about.


You Need Relief

You look online. And immediately get overwhelmed. You head to the store. How do you know which one is legit? Which one works? Which one isn’t just fancy marketing? Which ones have been developed by people who have a clue? And tried out by people like you? Meet Urban Sadhu Beauty™.

A Small Batch and Full-Spectrum CBD Performance Beauty Collection That
Takes on the Physical and Mental Stresses of Modern Life.

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